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Grateful Families

Each year, families who use our services choose to give back.

Leilah Lopez, former patient, raised $500 for RMHC Bay Area.

Photo by Katie Kelly; Leilah Lopez, former family who donated her birthday.

Extending a helping hand to families in need makes a difference.

Leilah raised $500 at her birthday party for kids at #RMHCBayArea! When Leilah was born premature, her family was able to stay steps away from her in the NICU for months, thanks to donor support. Now at just 9 years old, Leila is #givingback and making a huge difference for other kids and their families in need!

Cora is a healthy little girl today. RMHC was a lifeline for us during her weeks of hospitalization. Thank you!``

— Gramma NikNik Weber Daniels, Grateful Family Donor

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