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Mission & Vision

Keeping families together and near the care they need

A family with a sick child is a sick family.``

Dr. Audrey Evans, co-founder of the first Ronald McDonald House

Our Mission

To be there for sick kids and their families, providing comfort and support when and where they need it most.

Our Vision

A world where every sick child has the care they need, surrounded by family and a community they can count on.

Our Values

Families: We hold families at the heart of our mission and all our decisions.

Relationships: We nurture relationships and create communities—between families, each other and with the volunteers, donors and partners who make our work possible.

Excellence: We support each other in achieving excellence by being innovative, financially healthy, accountable for results, solutions-oriented, and continuously improving.

Purpose: We find purpose in all that we—and those around us—do in support of families. Our work matters.

Diversity: We embrace diversity, welcoming all people, listening to all perspectives and creating a sense of belonging for the families we serve and the staff, volunteers, donors and partners who support them.

Integrity: We commit to integrity by modeling fair, honest, responsible and respectful behavior.