Mission Moment — Santa’s Helpers

Oak Knoll Elementary 5th graders - Comfort and Joy Donation

The holidays are the perfect time to teach the power of giving.

@rmhcbayarea We’re always looking for more Santa’s helpers. These fifth graders were awesome! #givingszn #elf #rmhc #teachertok #comfortandjoy #kidshelpingkids ♬ Elf - Main Theme - Geek Music

Dec. 16  Santa’s Helpers really came through this year!

The fifth-graders at Oak Knoll Elementary took a morning stroll over to RMHC Bay Area to deliver a BIG present. They donated over $1,200 worth of toys and care items to families with sick children. It’s never easy to be away from home to access lifesaving care for your child, but it’s especially challenging during the holidays.

Donations of toys and care items can be all it takes to provide some extra holiday cheer. Thank you to these awesome fifth-grade teachers, students, and families for thinking of others this holiday season. These toys and care items will go straight to Santa’s Toy Shop!
You can get in the holiday spirit by participating in our #ComfortandJoy Drive.

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