Women Keep RMHC Bay Area Going

Winter Palooza

Mar. 13 – “As any mother will attest, protecting your child is job one. What we do at RMHC is allow mothers to protect and care for their children during an incredibly challenging time.” — Cynthia Semenoff, Chief Financial Officer, RMHC Bay Area

This #WorkingMomsDay, we want to say thank you to all the moms in our community who are balancing work, child care, and mom life on top of their sick child’s medical care.
At #RMHCBayArea, we have some incredible working moms on our team, including our entire finance team, Cynthia, Erica and Ruth. Ruth, our Finance & Administrative Specialist, is pictured above with her two adorable kids, Hazel and Oliver, who joined us for our staff Halloween party last year as Care Bears! #WorkingMoms #WomensHistoryMonth

Mar. 12 – “We’re so grateful to give even the smallest amount to Ronald McDonald House to help people going through hard times in their life. We were truly able to embrace the Girl Scout Law through this project by being considerate, caring and making the world a better place.” — Ava, Maddie, Leah, and Ella (Troop 62414 and 61753)

Happy #NationalGirlScoutDay! We are so grateful for @girlscouts who go above and beyond every day for RMHC Bay Area families. Last year, they raised $4,320 in donations and funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area. Join us in recognizing, empowering, and thanking all the incredible girls who support kids experiencing medical crises at #RMHCBayArea.

Mar. 11 — “Social Work values ensure the entire family is considered in a patient’s treatment, promote empowerment and resiliency so families can cope through medical crisis, and emphasize service.” — Laura Keegan Boudreau MSW, #RMHCBayArea CEO

This #SocialWorkMonth, join us in thanking all the compassionate, hardworking, and driven #SocialWorkers on our staff and at our hospital partners, @stanfordchildrens and @ucsfchildrens, who make an incredible impact on the lives of families affected by childhood illness.

Read more about Social Work leadership at #RMHCBayArea in the #LinkInBio

Mar. 8 — #InternationalWomensDay reminds us of the incredible leadership of our all-women officer board slate. Hear from Board President Heather Pietsch about what female leadership means for RMHC families. #WomensHistoryMonth

More Women Making an Impact

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