Maxx’s 10 Acts of Kindness: Kids Helping Kids

Meet Maxx, a remarkable 10-year-old with a mission: to spread joy and support to those in need through ten acts of kindness to celebrate his tenth birthday

Maxx holding Valentine's kits sitting next to Ronald

Inspired by Bryan Tsiliacos, Founder of Decade of Kindness, Maxx embarked on his own journey of kindness after witnessing Bryan’s impactful acts on his 30th birthday with 30 Acts by 30. Maxx’s journey began with a simple yet profound idea: to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.  

With the support of his family and friends, Maxx wasted no time in putting his plan into action. His first act? 250 sandwiches for the largest homeless shelter in San Francisco. For his second act, Maxx held a coat drive and collected over 229 coats for multiple non-profits.   

Shortly after, Maxx was on the lookout for his third act of kindness. Maxx’s inspiration for supporting the kids at the Ronald McDonald House stemmed from witnessing the power of community support at a San Jose Sharks hockey game which featured Shark family members cooking a MegBITES meal at RMHC Bay Area. This encounter sparked a desire within Maxx to channel his energy towards supporting the families of the Ronald McDonald House in the Bay Area and its vital work. Maxx was now on a mission to share the love with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

Enlisting the help of his hockey teammates, including Rasmus, Colin, Carson, Mason, Damon, as well as family members, Maxx assembled 200 Valentine’s Day care packages filled with goodies and heartfelt messages. From poppets to fidgets, popcorn to jelly bellies, each package was meticulously curated to uplift spirits of RMHC Bay Area families and kids going through some of the toughest moments in their life. 

Maxx’s mission extends beyond individual acts of kindness; it’s a call to action for others to join in spreading positivity and compassion. Those wishing to watch Maxx’s journey can follow his adventures on Instagram at 10 Acts By 10 or join the larger movement by signing up for Decade of Kindness!  
Maxx has an unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others, including kids just like him. Maxx’s message is clear: when we come together to support one another, there’s no limit to the positive change we can create. #KidsHelpingKids 

All picture credits to Maxx, Cristina and Sean, Maxx’s mom and dad, Bryan, and RMHC team.

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