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Host a Fundraiser

Raise Money for Families With Sick Children

Not everyone has the ability to write a check that’s as big as their love for RMHC Bay Area, but everyone can contribute their time and talent to make a difference for families caring for critically ill children. One fun and effective way to is to hold your own fundraiser.

Step 1: Decide on your fundraiser

Whether it’s running a marathon or selling lemonade on the sidewalk or asking friends to donate in lieu of gifts for your big day, there’s no limit to the ways you can use your strengths to help house, feed, and support families with critically ill children through charity fundraising.

Looking to join an existing RMHC Bay Area fundraisers? Email us at development@rmhcbayarea.org, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our incredible local fundraising communities.

Step 2: Get approval

Step 3: Hold your event

  • Upon approval of your fundraising event application, you will be provided with logos and assets.
  • Complete our Social Media Request Form, if you would like RMHC Bay Area to share information about your benefit event on our social media channels. Note: All requests must be approved by Marketing staff.
Set up an online fundraiser to support families


Do I need to obtain RMHC Bay Area's approval for my fundraiser?

All external fundraisers who meet the following criteria must obtain approval from RMHC Bay development staff prior to their event or campaign:

  1. If you wish to use the Ronald McDonald House Charities® name or logo in association with your proposed fundraiser;
  2. If you will advertise your fundraiser as benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area; or
  3. If there is media coverage and/or press releases that name your fundraiser as benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area.

Note: Fundraisers using endorsed social media fundraising platforms (e.g., Facebook, Raise Love) do not need prior approval from development staff, however, if campaign associated with RMHC Bay Area’s social media community standards content does not meet RMHC Bay Area’s community standards, we will request its removal of the associated fundraiser.

How soon do I need to submit my Fundraising Event Application?

Application must be submitted 30 days prior to the proposed fundraising event. Please contact development@rmhcbayarea.org if you have questions or concerns.

I'm setting up a Facebook or other online fundraiser; do I need to complete a fundraising event application?

No, for gifts in honor of a birthday or anniversary, or in memory of a loved one, you do not need to obtain RMHC Bay Area’s approval. However, we do ask that you let our Development Department know about your activity so we can properly acknowledge the donors and you: development@rmhcbayarea.org.

Will RMHC Bay Area send thank you letters to event donors?

Yes, if a detailed list of donors and contributions is provided, the RMHC Bay Area can send out thank you letters. Please email development@rmhcbayarea.org to request thank you letters for an external fundraiser.

Can I specify that event proceeds be used for a particular program or fund at RMHC Bay Area?

Yes, you can specify how the proceeds are used. Please indicate this on your event application under “Other Details.”

Will RMHC Bay Area help publicize my event?

RMHC Bay Area’s role in publicizing external fundraisers is evaluated during the application process. Additionally, we recommend you complete a social media request form, if you are requesting that RMHC Bay Area shares event information on one or more of our social media channels.