Social Media Community Standards

Fostering healthy online connections among friends and supporters of RMHC Bay Area

Thank you for your support of the families and children served by RMHC Bay Area – we’re glad you’re engaging with our community on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and other social platforms!

We welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions about RMHC Bay Area. As you can see across our social networks, there are lots of inspiring people supporting RMHC Bay Area with wonderful stories to share. While our ultimate goal is to have open dialogue with our online community, we know that there just isn’t enough time in the day to respond to every post. We also know that some of the best dialog is that which happens between our friends and supporters; just like inside of our Ronald McDonald Houses! We do ask that when visiting our social media pages, all friends be respectful toward others by complying with the terms and policies of each respective platform and by avoiding posting spam or comments that attack, discriminate, or disparage other users, contain expletives or other profane language, including inflammatory content, or referencing third party pages or websites. To help protect our RMHC Bay Area guests, staff, volunteers and supporters, we reserve the right to immediately remove any postings including, but not limited to, spam, advertising and topics that compromise the privacy of RMHC Bay Area guests or staff or are otherwise disruptive to the community or not in keeping with the core values of RMHC Bay Area.

Repeated or flagrant abuses that disrupt the mission of RMHC Bay Area’s online communities may result in a user being removed or blocked.