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Benefit Event Guidelines

Raise funds for families with sick children in the Bay Area

In order to ensure that all proposed fundraising projects adhere to our organizational guidelines and values, and to comply with regulations pertaining to nonprofit organizations, we require:

  1. Completion of the Event Application for review prior to authorization to conduct an event on behalf of RMHC Bay Area. This application should be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to date of the proposed fundraising event. Development staff will review and respond to your request no later than 15 days after receipt.
  2. Use of RMHC Bay Area name or logo will only be authorized after the fundraising event has been approved by Development staff. Sponsor is authorized to use the name “Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area” only in connection with the approved fundraising event, and only until the completion of the event or termination of this agreement. All usage of the trademark of “Ronald McDonald House/Ronald McDonald House Charities” shall bear the registered trademark symbol, “®”.
  3. Any advertisements, invitations, press releases or other promotional materials bearing the RMHC Bay Area name or logo need to be approved by Development staff prior to their release.
  4. The amount or percentage of monies donated to RMHC Bay Area must be included in all advertisements so that the public knows what percentage of their funds will benefit the Charity.
  5. RMHC Bay Area assumes no responsibility for promoting the fundraising event.
  6. The fundraising event sponsor/organization must make it explicitly clear in all solicitations that the event is not produced by RMHC Bay Area but rather only that it benefits RMHC Bay Area.
  7. RMHC Bay Area will not provide letterhead for event use.
  8. We must always be sensitive to the privacy of children or families staying at RMHC Bay Area. Therefore, no family that is or has been a guest of the RMHC Bay Area may be exploited in connection with the event or endeavor.
  9. The fundraising event sponsor/organization agrees to comply with all necessary local or government regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, registering with the appropriate agencies, obtaining any required licenses or permits, purchasing insurance, and following any rules of disclosure currently required by the IRS.
  10. The fundraising event sponsor/organization holding the event intended to benefit RMHC Bay Area agrees to indemnify and hold RMHC Bay Area harmless from any and all claims that may arise as a result of this event.
  11. Due to the high level of demand on staff and/or volunteers’ time, RMHC Bay Area cannot commit the resources of its staff and/or volunteers. The level of support that can be provided is determined on a case-by-case basis by Development staff, who can be reached at development@rmhcbayarea.org.
  12. This agreement shall not be assignable by Sponsor.
  13. Any endeavor which requires Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area to solicit its donors and/or Board of Directors to make or solicit purchases will not be accepted.
  14. Sponsor shall perform all things necessary for the successful completion of the fundraising event, and shall assume full obligation and responsibility for the payment of all expenses in connection therewith, without regard to the amount of funds collected for the event.
  15. Under no circumstances may an individual keep any portion of the proceeds as profit or compensation for organizing the event.
  16. Sponsor agrees to deliver to Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area, within 5 business days after the completion of the fundraising event, the proceeds, including pledges, and to provide a written accounting of the fundraising event if requested by RMHC Bay Area.


Email development@rmhcbayarea.org to discuss your proposed fundraising event.