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Part 1: Baby Cece’s Journey

This year has been anything but easy for baby Cece’s parents, Kristin and Jordan. Follow their story, and donate today. You can help us do more for families with critically ill children at our partner hospitals across the Bay Area.

This is a video showcasing donates meals

Click to watch this ABC7 News story on how San Francisco Charles Schwab’s catering services are helping Ronald McDonald House families.

Análisis Profesional: Evita Dificultades Durante El Aprendizaje a Distancia

Nuestras expertas Bri Seoane y Martha Hernandez discutieron los siguientes temas: que tu núcleo familiar esta en crisis, las dificultades que puedes encontrar mientras navegas por el aprendizaje a distancia, estrategias para controlar exitosamente el aprendizaje a distancia, el por que cuidarse a si mismo primero es muy importante, y mucho más.

Join us for Lunchbox Lessons

Sign your kids up to learn to cook for you — and for a good cause! Celebrity Chef, Tanya Holland will be hosting our children’s cooking class on September 12th. Learn more on our event page.

Invitación al Análisis Profesional: Evita Dificultades Durante El Aprendizaje a Distancia

Nuestras expertas compartirán información de cómo manejar el aprendizaje a distancia y lidiar con el cambio.

Nueva Fecha y Horario: 7pm – 8pm, 8 de septiembre de 2020

Expert Breakdown: Preventing Distance Learning Meltdowns

Watch the video above for the full recording of our free distance learning webinar. During the webinar our experts shared their knowledge from years of experience helping families in crisis and applied it to dealing with distance learning. If you like what you learn, share it to your network!

Give for Kids Community Challenge

Our volunteer board of directors recognized that we had an urgent need due to an expected financial deficit of $1.4M. They generously put together a fund to be able to double $500,000 in community raised donations. With the goal of raising $1M, we invite you to join the Give for Kids Community Challenge.

Ask The Experts: CARES Act 2020

Our guest tax experts from Deloitte Tax LLP provided a special breakdown of on the CARES Act 2020 for RMHC Bay Area supporters, including how new tax rules are promoting philanthropy and making it easier to impact the community organizations you care about most. To view the full webinar, watch the video above.

RMHC Bay Area’s Regional COVID Response

Learn how we’re helping families access safe medical housing throughout the Bay Area. In the video above, we shared how our meal team has been coordinating with UCSF Oakland to provide meals and snacks at each location. We also shared how our corporate housing partnerships are helping families access care during COVID-19. If those topics sound interesting to you, check it out!

Supporting Families at UCSF During COVID-19

CEO Laura Boudreau shared a family update on Sara, Riley, and Bobbie, whose story you can see in a video below, an inside look into how Ronald McDonald House programs have adapted quickly to COVID-19; and how new corporate housing partners are helping parents access lifesaving care for their children at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco. Child Life Services Manager at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Michael Towne gave a special update on how UCSF is responding to COVID-19 and the needs of vulnerable children and families in San Francisco. If you weren’t able to join us live, we still want to keep you up to date with what happened! Watch the live recording in the video above.

Sara’s Story

Every day Sara and her 4-year-old daughter Riley travel to the hospital to spend time with 18-month-old Bobbie, who has been hospitalized since she was born. Visit to learn how to support families with critically ill children, providing meals, sibling support, and a community to lean on just steps away from patients’ bedsides.