Family Matters — Maddy’s Transplant Journey

“Our worlds revolve around Maddy. She’s the glue of our family.”
— Maddy's Dad, Daniel

One family’s journey, an entire community of support.

Over the past two years, we have relied on you, our community of supporters, to forge through the storm of medical crises. No one knows the importance of this community support better than Daniel, a single father and the sole caregiver for his 8-year-old daughter, Maddy.

Prior to Maddy’s birth, Daniel and his late wife Jenny received life changing news. “The doctors informed us that she had three holes in her heart and that her left kidney wasn’t formed,” Daniel explained. When Maddy’s kidney function dropped to 17 percent, Daniel received a call sending their family on a new journey — it was time to make the 1,200-mile drive from Montana to the Bay Area so Maddy could access specialized dialysis treatments while they waited for a kidney transplant.

Thanks to supporters like you, Daniel, his brother Donald, and his parents, Dannie and Margaret, stay together, moments away from Maddy’s life saving treatments. The family’s world turned upside down again when COVID-19 hit. Daniel says he can’t imagine being anywhere else with a sick child.

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