We’re doing more – because of you!

Video by Kaitlyn Robinson | RMHC Bay Area’s influential leader, Chief Executive Officer Laura Boudreau, MSW, MPH, shares how far the Charity has progressed during the pandemic and what the future holds. 

Many of our families — more than 80% — have incomes that are below the federal poverty threshold. Many face language barriers, food insecurity, and issues with stable housing. These are all things that are exacerbated by the financial and emotional stress of a child’s illness. Add to that a global pandemic and you can imagine what our Ronald McDonald House families have been going through.

March 2020 was a scary time. There was so much we didn’t know. We were just trying to figure out — day to day — how to keep families safe, and how to keep our organization funded, so we could continue to be there for families in medical crisis. What we’ve learned is that the pandemic was not something short and intense that we just needed to get through: We’re in this for the long haul.

CEO Laura Boudreau posing for an updated headshot.Thanks to our amazing team of frontline heroes and our dedicated supporters, we have adapted. Things look a little bit different here. Our family size is smaller as families opt to leave siblings at home to reduce the risk of exposure. Kids that do come to us are being treated for serious conditions, usually in severe medical crisis.  And we’ve changed the way we look toward the future. We’ve stopped talking about “getting back to normal” and have come to accept this as our new normal and that’s okay.

We recently completed a three-year strategic plan that focuses on expanding our reach to even more families in the Bay Area, which is exciting, even amidst this uncertain time. We are focused on embracing opportunity.  (We are excited to share more about that in the year ahead!)

While it has been an unusual time to become CEO — at the very beginning of a global pandemic – we’ve been able to build strong partnerships that propel us forward. Agility is our superpower.

I honestly feel like this organization is stronger than ever. It doesn’t feel so scary anymore. The families that are here feel safe. They feel taken care of, and they’re able to get their child the care that they need. And that is all that matters.

Thank you for being part of the community that families can lean on during the toughest moment of their lives. I’m excited to share more with you about your impact in our 2021 Annual Report, coming later this month.

With gratitude,

Laura Keegan Boudreau
Chief Executive Officer

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