In The News — The McDonald’s man: Bay Area Business Owner Gives Back to Community, Recalls His Journey to Success

One of the things most appreciated about the Bay Area is a community where so many people do good. Larry Tripplett is one of those people.

By Dan Ashley
JUNE. 22, 2023

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — One of the things I most appreciate about the Bay Area is being a part of a community where so many people not only do well, but they do good too. Larry Tripplett is one of those people.

I met him last month at the grand opening of Oakland’s first Ronald McDonald House, a wonderful place where the families of sick children can stay while their kids are being treated for serious illnesses.

Larry was a major donor and, in fact, the Oakland Ronald McDonald House bears his name. I wanted to know more about Larry, as he clearly has a story to tell, so I met him weeks later in East Palo Alto. That’s where Larry opened the first of his nine McDonald’s franchises. How he got there is an inspiring and complex journey.

Larry was born in rural Arkansas, in a town you’ve probably never heard of. As a child, he picked cotton on his grandparents’ farm until the age of ten. That’s when his uncle, who was living in the Bay Area, brought him west. Larry never looked back but, as you’ll see in my report, he certainly gave back.