Celebrating Legacy Volunteer Janine: Bringing Smiles to Families, One Bingo Night at a Time

In the heart of every vibrant community, there are those individuals whose selfless acts of kindness shape the lives of others in profound ways. Among these individuals is Janine, a pillar of strength and compassion at Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area (RMHC Bay Area) for nearly two decades. 

Janine’s journey with RMHC Bay Area began not as a volunteer, but as a parent facing the daunting challenge of supporting her daughter, Jennifer, through multiple surgeries. As Jennifer underwent four open-heart surgeries and back surgery at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, Janine learned firsthand from families residing at the House how much of a difference RMHC services made. Although she lived nearby and did not require housing accommodations, Janine was deeply moved by the sense of community and support she observed among the families staying at the House. 

Driven by wanting to give back, Janine embarked on her volunteering journey that has since touched countless lives throughout her 18-year tenure. Every Tuesday night, Janine and fellow volunteer, Jennifer Bets, bring joy and excitement to families by hosting Bingo Night, a beloved staple of RMHC Bay Area. 

In the photo is Janine (far right), Jennifer (middle), and Kamryn (left), Volunteer Service Coordinator at RMHC Bay Area.

Janine Bingo Cart: A Special Interest volunteer with the RMHC bingo night cart and supplies

But Janine’s impact extends far beyond the walls of Bingo Night. She creates a space where families can momentarily escape their worries and find solace in each other’s company. Whether it is through festive activities, shared meals, or simple moments of camaraderie, Janine fosters a sense of belonging that momentarily diverts the challenges families with sick children face. 

Janine understands the immense value of compassion and support during tough times. Her dedication to serving others is a testament to the power of community and generosity. 

As we celebrate Janine’s dedication, we also extend our gratitude to the countless volunteers who, like her, dedicate their time and energy to supporting the families of RMHC Bay Area. Together, they embody the spirit of community and solidarity that lies at the heart of this home away from home.



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