Adrianna’s Story — Treatment an Ocean Away

Watch Video: Adrianna’s mom, Abigail speaks about her family’s experience and Adrianna’s medical journey at RMHC Bay Area’s 2021 Music on the Patio reception. 

Meet Heart Warrior, Adrianna Rosie

In February 2021, Adrianna’s mom, Abigail, experienced a parent’s worst nightmare. She saw that her 9-month-old was gasping for air, and she didn’t know why. In an instant, everything changed. From their home in O’ahu, they were an ocean away from the advanced medical care in the Bay Area that Adrianna’s life depended on.

What RMHC provides is much more than just a place to stay.” — Adrianna’s mom, Abigail

Last year, donors helped us provide 24,000 overnight stays and 96,000 free meals to families like Adrianna’s. Learn more about Adrianna’s medical journey and how your donation makes an impact.